Location, Location, Location…

Hey there, my blog visitors…

As you can see, this blog is almost deserted… (it is 😉

You my find my new blogs here:

Blog in English, at http://nkedem.biz

Blog in Hebrew, at http://nemrodkedem.co.il

This blog will naturally turn into something else over time…

Stay tuned!

About Nemrod Kedem

That's me, in no specific order: PC Programmer, CTO in Hightech company, Magician, DJ, Electrician, PC technician, Husband, Father, Internet marketer, Network marketer, SEO guy, Web programmer, Soundman, Master life coach, High school teacher, Certified meditation instructor, Reiki master/teacher. At present time I'm building multiple residual income sources to ensure my family's future. Empower network is just one of these sources.
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